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🟡 Fort Worth

Some Traditional Latin Mass were supressed in the Diocese of Fort Worth, according to the source "Bishop's Twitter Account" the last update on this report was on September 12, 2021. The bishop at the time of this report was bishop "Michael Olson"
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Source: Bishop's Twitter Account

Members of the Catholic Faithful registered and domiciled within the territory of other parishes of the Diocese of Fort Worth and not registered at Saint Benedict Catholic Church, and who seek the celebration of the sacraments in accord with the liturgical rites according to the Missal antecedent to the reform of 1970, are required to fulfill any prerequisites for sacramental preparation of their parish and Saint Benedict Parish and to seek in writing the explicit and written permission from their pastor for this request before requesting the sacraments from Saint Benedict Catholic Church.


The link was updated from twitter account, to official diocese site.

While there were requests to make it 🟡 yellow we could confirm that no TLMs were suppressed at this diocese. However, article 6 make it difficult to parishioners of other parishes to go to TLM, requiring explicit written permission. This is allegedly a first in this list and, while we don't have a better status, we are leaving this yellow for now.