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All Traditional Latin Masses were supressed in the Diocese of Chicago, according to the source "Official Diocese Website" the last update on this report was on February 10, 2022. The bishop at the time of this report was bishop "Cupich"
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Source: Official Diocese Website

Priests and those groups that receive permission from the Archbishop of Chicago to celebrate the Mass using the Missal of 1962, are bound on the first Sunday of the month to celebrate Mass only using the Missal of Paul VI


TLM is prohibited on first Sundays, but allowed during the week and others Sundays. Since faithful can’t go to TLM on 1 day of obligation we are using the "🔴 All Suppressed" since at least once a month, faithful can't attend mass in the Traditional form.

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Restrictions were applied to TLM as per document on 2022-02-02.